Portland Children’s Sedation Dentistry

We want your child to be comfortable at Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver. Part of providing the dental care kids need is overcoming the anxiety and restlessness they often feel when visiting the dentist.

Some children dislike the appearance or sound of dental tools and don’t understand why they need to stay still or hold their mouth open for an uncomfortable length of time.

Pediatric sedation can make this process much easier for children and parents alike.

Pediatric Sedation Options

A light dose of nitrous oxide may be enough to put a child at ease as they watch a video while the dentist works.

For severe fear or anxiety, deep sedation via IV allows a child to sleep through procedures, awaking to a parent’s comforting presence after treatment is complete.

Pediatric sedation is safe for children. In addition to their dentist, a certified anesthesia provider administers IV sedation and a staff member is present at all times to monitor children.

little girl brushing teeth

Proper dental care while they are young is key to building healthy habits for when they grow up. Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver wants your family’s visits to be as gentle and easy as possible.