Portland Sedation Dentistry

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Even with modern technology making dental care gentler than ever, Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver understands that people may feel apprehensive about visiting a dentist.

There are many good reasons for this. Some of our patients have had bad experiences in the past. Others have a low threshold for pain or dislike needles. Then there are those who have a strong fear that they just can’t explain. Whatever your reason, Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver can help with sedation dentistry. This practice continues to gain popularity with people who would otherwise avoid a visit. Sedation dentistry is not only for people that fear going to the dentist. Its benefits also include faster treatment and fewer visits for in-depth procedures. Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver can place you in a relaxed state or completely under so you’ll have little or no memory of having any dental treatment, and our sedation methods also minimize discomfort. Caring for your teeth is a vital part of health, but we want to meet you where you’re at. Sedation is an easy, safe, and effective way to provide all our patients with the dentistry they need to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful.