New Technologies

showing x-ray

All dentists at Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver keep learning with continuing education and advanced training.

Cutting-edge equipment complements that knowledge and makes our gentle dental care state-of-the-art.

Intra-oral cameras let you see everything the dentist sees while examining your teeth, and his electric drill motor eliminates the high-pitched whine that people associate with dental treatment.

For those who just want a distraction during dental work, each treatment room is wired for digital TV and radio.

Treatment rooms are plumbed for Nitrous Oxide to keep laughing gas within arm’s reach during any exam or procedure. During sedation, our staff keeps watch with the same kind of equipment that hospitals use to monitor their patients’ vital signs.

Sedation and other techniques allow for shorter treatment, such as single-visit root canals or multiple procedures combined into one appointment.

All equipment is completely sterilized before use, and we use digital, low-radiation X-rays to make things faster and safer for your family. The larger image makes diagnosis more precise and lets patients clearly see what their dentist is explaining to them

Your history, health information, and preferences are securely stored with digital record management, allowing for quick access, reliability, and portability.

Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver offers dental care that is efficient, effective, and gentle. These and other new technologies keep the treatments you need affordable and convenient.